Sunset Chill Sleeveless Cotton Dress Breasted

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Style: Commuting

Item No.: 66035

Combination form: Single piece

Year of listing season: Summer 2022

Sleeve length: Sleeveless

Skirt length: Mid-length

Waist type: High waist

Placket: Single-breasted buckle

Material composition: Cotton 100%

This little skirt!
The fabric is the first to like, light blue, gentle and clear,

it is the cooling color of the hot summer day, and it is also the quiet romance hiding in the crowd.

Good texture, delicate and soft twill cotton, thick, single layer is not easy to see through,

I thought it would be suitable for zui to make a slightly raised and gentle skirt.

After referring to many dress, I still think sleeveless style is more suitable for summer

after all, it is a high temperature day, and it is cool with some skin exposure!

Besides, the fabric is not thin and transparent, and the sleeves are long and stuffy.

Small lapels, waist-tight, straps, buckles, easy and simple but also durable enough.

I really like this waist with tight waist, the lines are Nature smooth,

even if you don't wear a belt, you can have a good body feeling,

on the basis of not damaging the lines, some margin is added,

it's not too tight to wear when I eat round belly occasionally

the button of the placket was originally intended to use the small flower button through the play.

After actually playing it, I found it was too childish,

not generous, and the flowers are special-shaped buttons, which can only be sewn by hand,

it is always not easy to buckle up, it has been tangled for a long time,

I still changed back to the small round shell buckle,

smaller diameter, crystal clear, put it on the skirt

safe and playful, very suitable ~

by the way, this kind of breasted dress wear has a small tips!

Just unlock the bottom two buckles, walk like this,

when sitting down, the skin of the lower leg is exposed faintly, which is suitable and beautiful.

Cotton is always soft and not drooping, and it feels too heavy to make a skirt growing up to the ankle

it is not suitable for summer, so the cut is shorter, which can be more light and flexible to wear.

Model pot is relatively high

with more hands raised, Length looks a little shorter,

actually under the calf

it can stably cover the calf and belly, and makes me look slim,

you can wear Short flat shoes with confidence.

Here, insert the upper body picture I took casually (160,102 Jin)

the day of the shooting was just after the rainstorm, the sunshine was scattered from the clouds,

falling on the hair ends and shoulders of the pot, the opened pages are shining,

the blue skirt is very bright and quiet in the light,

like a shallow sea, it is so beautiful that people cannot move their eyes

summer is really good!

ps: considering the safety of wearing, the underarm of large goods has been raised by one centimeter.

Usually, it is no problem to wear bra or chest stickers with narrow straps.

In addition, cotton is inevitably wrinkled, which is the original characteristic of the fabric.

The wrinkles on the skirt were not specially repaired or covered during the shooting and later period.

In my opinion, this is a very Nature and vivid fabric expression.

There is no need to erase it specially.

Decent, quality has nothing to do with wrinkles

whether you wear it properly depends on people. Clothes yong are far from being Auxiliary.

You should understand the following picture:

(This is the old man wearing linen trousers, the picture is from wb @_Lei Sheng)

there is indeed anti-wrinkle cotton, but our pricing is mostly cost-effective

there is no way to use too expensive new fabrics. I hope you can understand.

Cotton clothes are usually washed and then dried,

don't twist it into a ball of Cable Stitch and throw it to the Sun

take it back and pile it in the cabinet like dried pickles.

No fabric can stand this * Teng

* The exterior map is not very accurate due to the influence of environment and light. For more information about the actual color of clothes, see the interior map.